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Y-10W 2.4GHz 1000DPI Ergonomic Wireless Optical Trackball Game Mouse with Laser

€ 36,95

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1. It does not need to be supported by the desktop. It is convenient to adjust the posture when using the computer relieve the soreness of the wrist and the cervical vertebrae and can be used like a normal mouse to facilitate text input.
2. When holding the hand hold the mouse in your hand the thumb is placed on the ball the index finger and the middle finger are placed on the left and right buttons the thumb rolls the ball the mouse moves precisely and if you need to turn the page the thumb moves the dial. The left and right buttons are the same as the normal mouse.
3. The bottom of the mouse is magnetic which can absorb the USB receiver avoiding the loss of the receiver when not in use and easy to take.
4. The shape of the mouse is small and beautiful. The cursor movement speed can be adjusted according to individual needs. It can be divided into four files (400 600 800 1000DPI) up to 1000DPI the default setting is 400DPI and can be set to a higher DPI after proficiency.
5. Plug and play compatible with all Windows operating systems and Linux Unix Mac and other systems.

Basic parameters:
1. Mouse size: 11x6x5cm.
2. Resolution: up to 1000 DPI.
3. Wireless receiving distance: 15m.
4. Receiver: USB.

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